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The Argentine Altiplano, Puna or Argentine Atacama Plateau is unique in the world. With its incredible and colorful mountains and endless landscapes, it is a grand plateau spreading over 153,000 km² at an elevation of 3500m on average. It extends to The Quebrada of Humahuaca and The Calchaqui Valleys to the east and the majestic Andes range to the west. The argentine Puna as the altiplano is called in Argentina, is the least densely populated area in the country. Because of this, it’s largely unknown to national and foreing travelers. A Journey through the Argentine Puna will forever be a memorable and unforgettable experience and a treasure only to be shared with your closest and dearest companions.

The secret here is knowing how to enjoy extreme opposites

Luxury and Adventure

Our passion and knowledge of mountaineering has enabled us to design and run successful adventure expeditions through the wildest and most remote areas of The Andes Range. We lodge our adventurers in the finest boutique hotels in Northwest Argentina. Here are some of the properties we use: Colomé, Legado Mítico, House of Jasmines, Patios de Cafayate, El Cortijo, Manantial del Silencio and Viñas de Cafayate.

If you have preferences, we have different options

Explore the Argentine Puna

Any journey to the heart of the Argentine Puna requires three fundamental things: some serious logistics work, top-notch service and attentive guides to our adventurers' needs. In Equipa Tu Aventura our guests will find unique experiences and as a result most of our travelers return several times to continue exploring the region.

Jujuy / Salta / Catamarca / Photography / Walking / Fauna / 4×4 vehicle
Salta /  Photography / Walking / Fauna / 4×4 vehicle
We can design a tailor made itinerary to fit your preferences

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With many years of experience in the field, we can set up any itinerary taking into account the likes and interests of our guests. In order to match your particular interests, please do write to us, send us your preferences and with all that info we can design a custom made trip to fit your needs. We know how to make this adventure an unforgettable experience for you.

Jujuy / Salta / Photography / Walking / Handicrafts / Wines / Gastronomy
Paso de Jama / Jujuy / Salta / Photography / Walking / Handicrafts / Wines / Gastronomy
Jujuy / Salta / Catamarca / Photography / Walking / Fauna / 4×4 vehicle / Wines / Gastronomy
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