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At Equipa Tu Aventura we specialize in unique experiences in the most incredible and remote places. We can transport and set up luxurious catering services in salt flats or wherever the client requests.


Small details create special moments. We set up catering tents, kitchen tents and chemical toilets. To round it all up we can bring live music and llamas for a great souvenir of Andean culture.


What is the price of this trip?

Equipa Tu Aventura is a Tour Operator specialized in adventure tourism. We specialize in off-the-tourist trail travel experiences tailor made to fit every guest’s preferences. This is the main reason why there is no price list. We custom design all our itineraries to fit your interests and budget so you can get the best value for money. In order to do this, it’s important you let us know beforehand your interests, preferences and needs.


1. Economy / Inflation – Argentina is a country with great fluctuations in its economy, at least as far as its currency. With double digit inflation and surprise devaluations, the Central Bank has a tight grip on the foreign exchange rate. The official rate is fixed at an under market value so there is a big difference between the black market dollar exchanged on the streets(called Blue Dollar) and the official rate. Many foreign visitors carry U$D or Euros in cash to Exchange on the black market where they get a much higher rate than in banks or exchange bureaus.

2. Culture – Argentina has the largest cultural scene in South America. Its film industry is vibrant and over the years many local films made successful runs at prestigious awards. Our advice to visitors is to watch a few emblematic films before travelling to Argentina to better understand the country’s history, the local idiosyncrasy and its cultural diversity. Buenos Aires, the country’s capital, is one of the top cultural metropolis in the western world worth a 2 or 3 days stop over to fully enjoy its cafes, night life, theaters, Milonga and Tango dance halls, libraries and museums.

3. Security – The Argentine people is kind and generally a good host to foreign visitors. Through the first half of the 20th century Argentina saw several waves of immigration mostly from Europe. Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Britain, were the origin countries with the biggest numbers of arrivals but many people also came from Eastern Europe, Siria and Lebanon. These new “Argentines” contributed to make our gene pool and cultural diversity even bigger. European visitors will find it very easy to blend in our cities. You will come across very few “Argentinos” that speak a second language, but many will go out of their way despite the language barrier to try to help you in any way or just to talk to you. We are always curious as to where are you visiting from. Argentina is a safe country to travel, but you need to pay attention and not be foolish as you would in any other country in the world.


La Puna es una Planicie a 3500 msnm donde nuestros organismos necesitan tiempo para adaptarse a la altura y a la falta de presión. El 90% de nuestros turistas no tienen ningún problema para adaptarse a la Puna, el 10% tiene que hidratarse más de los normal, caminar más lento, no hacer grandes esfuerzos físicos durante los primeros días y usar hojas de coca en infusiones o mascando coca. Las personas que no tengan experiencia en zonas de gran altitud deberían consultar con su médico de confianza sobre este viaje.

En la Puna y el Noroeste Argentina las personas locales son muy amables y hospitalarios, pero algunos pueden ser muy tímidos y reservados, por favor nunca le saques fotos a las personas ni a sus animales sin preguntar antes. Seguramente después de hacer un primer contacto conversar un tiempo y dejar que ellos nos conozcan mejor, podremos hacer las mejores fotos con hermosas sonrisas de nuestros nuevos amigos.

En algunos destinos turísticos en el mundo existe la costumbre entre comerciantes y clientes de regatear por el precio de una artesanía, en la Argentina existe una inflación muy alta y los márgenes de ganancia son muy pequeños e inciertos por eso un artesano Argentino no especula con el precio. Por favor no regatear los precios de las Artesanías.


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