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About Us


We are a Tour Operator company founded by adventure tourism guides, who love this region and enjoy every minute of our work, we are specialists at taking care of people and generating unique and unforgettable experiences.

For a long time we have worked as freelance guides for different tour operators in Salta but hard work and sacrifice finally paid off and now we are the proud owners of a great company. Perhaps the only local operator where the owners are actively involved in every aspect and continue to guide many trips. Years of working experience in the field, an extensive knowledge of this region and thousands of happy travelers throughout the years, have prepared us to become the number one specialist when it comes to tailor-made itineraries.

Our origins as tour guides enabled us to keep a brotherly relationship of respect and commitment to all of our guides. Equipa Tu Adventura many times in the past has worked as a coop of sorts where our friends can have access to equipment, know-how and the necessary logistics to design and develop their own projects.

Our goal it isn’t just to guide travelers but to feel we have helped friends discover the raw beauty of the land and its people.

Every year our company grows and many clients come back for more. Our best advertising has always been word of mouth thanks to unforgettable experiences our guests take back home with them. And those, are our greatest satisfactions.

We are a licensed tour operator.

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PHONE +54 9 387 415 0210

Born and raised in Salta, I currently live with my family in Chicoana, one of the most picturesque towns in this province.

I have a Technical degree in Tourism and I have worked as a Spanish-English bilingual guide in different companies in the city for many years before starting my own company, Equipa Tu Aventura.

I am proud to belong to this deeply rooted Andean culture. My passions are Music and meeting people from all over the world.

English Language Speaker



PHONE +54 9 387 573 7662

The Argentine Northwest is one of the most impressive places in Argentina … Diverse landscapes and ancestral cultures are experienced everyday by our visitors as we travel across the land. I count myself lucky having been born here!

I am Pablo Maciel, “Pichi”, mountaineer, athlete, good friend to my friends and committed to this project from the very beginning almost 10 years ago! One of the greatest joys in my life has been starting this company with friends. I always love to welcome all visitors who venture this far to enjoy the region and I truly enjoy leading unforgettable trips.

We are waiting for you down here with our team so that your experience is unforgettable, unique and full of happy moments!



PHONE +54 9 388 414 1995

I am a native of Jujuy, socialist, eco- activist and an atheist. I work as a trekking guide in overland expeditions and I am a trained volunteer Wilderness First Responder in search and rescue parties.

I live in Tilcara, a small town of 8,000 people, where I have lots of time to dedicate to my hobbies: Photography, Mountaineering, Carpentry and barbecuing with friends.

I permanently teach my daughter that our mission in life is to be happy every day and to help others be happy as well.

English Language Speaker



Language: French and English.

From a very young age I have enjoyed exploring and traveling. While living in Europe I’ve worked at several hotel properties in both France and Switzerland.

These experiences came in handy when I became the manager of some of the most exclusive boutique hotels in Salta, my native province. But the desire to explore and to continue traveling pushed me to change the comfort of a desk for the excitement of being on the road with travelers from all over the world who come to get acquainted with the Land and its Culture.


Language: French and English.

Born in France and raised in Salta (Argentina), I am privileged to be able to share both cultures and my profound love for the Andes and its people with all our visitors.

My children, my travels and good music are all fundamental in my life. Besides the thrills of exploring the Puna, I also like to introduce our guests to the regional gastronomy and superb wines of the Calchaqui Valleys and the Quebrada of Humahuaca.


French language
I am a native of Salta Province, I’m really passionate about sharing the culture and history of this land. I really enjoy hiking and exploring the region.


AAGM Mountain Guide / Language: German

Respect for the mountains, love for my family and music define my way of life.

Thanks Pachamama. I was born, raised and live at the base of the mountains.

My life experience and the people I have come across on the way, taught me to love and respect nature. Music and my children complete that circle.


AAGM Mountain Guide / Language: Italian

From a young age I was convinced Nature should be a priority in a person’s life.

I believe it to be not only our window to beauty but a source of endless love. This has guided my passion for my profession ever since.


Driver Guide

I have been working as an off-road and minibus driver for the past 16 years. I am a skilled mechanic and I always pay attention to any little noise in the engine to detect a problem before it arises.

I am calm and patient as a person and that’s why I love to go fishing. I truly believe in family, specially my wife and son. Working for Equipa Tu Aventura, I discovered a new extended family where we all take care of each other and enjoy the work we do.



I am a native of Salta, I grew up in my dearest Chicoana, the most beautiful small town in Salta, where I have learnt to become the person I am today.

I have a degree in Tourism and very close to get my degree as a Geography teacher,

I am mother to two beautiful children, Guillermina and Genaro. I am family oriented so I enjoy every moment I spend with them and with friends … and if it is traveling much better.



I was born in Mendoza but after living in Buenos Aires for almost 20 years, we chose the city of Salta to settle with our children… Three beautiful triplets, the greatest blessing and life´s gift! I have a Business Management degree and I´m happy I can combine my profession with the best job ever: “ being a mom”.

The North of Argentina has beautiful provinces and endless places to discover. Its people are friendly and they love and respect their culture. No wonder our home if full with friends visiting all year round!


English language.

I was born and raised in Córdoba, enjoying the mountains and rivers. Study Tourism and Public Use in Natural Protected Areas.

I have always been interested in the environment, its care and respect, enjoying it causing the least possible impact. I decided to embark on an adventure traveling the world, and to enjoy my other passion, the sea. Now I live in Spain with my son.

Andreas Karl N Schmit

English, French and German language.

My passion for travel, sports, and health has been the driving force throughout my life. Born in Belgium my curiosity drew me out to exploring the world at an early age. From all the places I visited my heart beats for the north western part of Argentina where I found true friendship, breath-taking landscapes and authentic cultural inheritance.