Equipa tu Aventura | Eithne, Ireland
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Eithne, Ireland

Eithne, Ireland

Argentina is a land that leaves a mark and I still have before my eyes images of the spectacular scenery from my most recent adventure immersed in the culture and nature of the Northwest region of the country. This region has a raw natural beauty from ice capped majestic mountains, to salt plains, to dry arid deserts and the most incredible skies. The landscapes of the Puna and Tolar Grande are truly surreal, no photos can ever really do it justice!

I have had the good fortune to have this unique and unforgettable travel experience in the pleasant company of Pablo and Victor, who navigated miles of bumpy, off-tract terrain sharing their knowledge of the mountains and the local culture amidst the odd impromptu Spanish class!

I thank you for your extreme warmth and hospitality, your helpfulness, the great Picadas under the shade of a boulder in the remotest of areas, whilst feasting on truly magnificent landscapes. The wonderful Cafayate wines shared with great conversation in the evenings and of course the Asado!

You are true professionals, always attentive to safety and the finer detail in a friendly and efficient manner with a great attitude. I would not for a second hesitate to recommend Equipa Tu Aventura to anyone wanting to have a memorable experience in the magnificent Northwest of Argentina, Northern Chile or Bolivia.

Your passion and enthusiasm for what you do in your beloved homeland is palpable and it it too leaves it’s mark! Muchas gracias y hasta la próxima vez mejores deseos.

Eithne, Ireland.

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