Equipa tu Aventura | Robert Briner – Suiza
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Robert Briner – Suiza

Robert Briner – Suiza

A few days have gone by since our paths separated last Tuesday. It was a sad necessity, but it is normal that you go home from time to time and you will be starting tomorrow a new «aventura» with a new group.

 I however wish to express to you personally and once again my utmost gratitude for all of what you shared with us during our week together.

 I am missing the right words to express my exact feelings, but I know that you will understand me «y que me vas a copiar y entender perfectamente bien».

 Our first exchange was about politics. Although our respective starting points may be different, we clearly share a very similar sense of justice, truth, respect of people and honesty. Even if the perspectives of social responsibility are different in Argentina and in Switzerland, our discussion and especially your very diplomatic explanations opened my eyes to some very delicate aspects of Argentina’s society, which cause much pain and instability. I have not and I will not forget this essential and most enlightening discussion.

 When you speak or do something, there is not one word or one action too much. Everything is perfectly thought out. You and your thoughts are always five steps ahead of ours and of what is necessary. You plan and organize everything in an outstanding way. I am myself a very well organized person, but I still have many lessons to get from you !

 I have also had the privilege of admiring your very precious practical talents, whether as a guide, a driver, a cook, a wheel changer or even as a medical emergency specialist in Colomé.

 But all this would be useless without your exceptional emotional intelligence, your instant understanding of any situation, your eyes which are always looking everywhere to ensure that everything is and remains under your full control.

I was able to appreciate all of these talents of yours at their true and full value.

 At all times with you, I felt perfectly safe, extremely well taken care of, very privileged to see every part of the Puna which you wanted to share with us and especially happy to be part of the fabulous team you formed with Pumpi, Pichi and El Gordo

 Last but certainly not least, you are one of those persons one rarely meets in a lifetime.

 Thank you for being who you are.

Always stay the free and independant man you are.

You have gained a new and true friend in Switzerland.

I will miss you, your dry humor, your perfect professionalism, your reserved smile, your immense experience and your unlimited kindness with each one of us.

I cannot wait to return to northern Argentina in the hope that you will accept to accompany me then again and hopefully my family in a new «aventura».

I wish you and your daughter only the best.

And please remember one more thing very clearly : should you ever need any help, advice or assistance in any form whatsoever, I will be only too happy to do so and thereby to return to you a small fraction of all of what you gave to me and shared with me during this exceptional trip in your beautiful Puna,

 Con un abrazo fuerte y muy cordial.


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